Pushing beyond the Disappointment

Growing up, my family and I spent many summer evenings in Canton, Missouri, visiting a few elderly relatives.  Learning many new games, we spent hours playing cards together.  Once every summer, my great uncle usually took the kids fishing at a local pond.  With various appetizers and drinks in our midst, we also chatted many late afternoons about life’s happenings before adjourning to the dining room for the main course.

On one particular evening, after my great uncle had constructed bug boxes for the kids, we decided to head outside at dusk to catch lightning bugs.  Upon this outing, Mimi, my grandmother, exerted tremendous determination in catching one herself.

Finally, one flew near her and lit up.  She quickly grasped her hands around it, yelling, “I caught one!”  When she slowly opened her hands, though, the crushed bug laid still in the palm of her hand.  From that point forward for the rest of the night, disappointment hung in the air.  Even though Mimi gave it her all, her all did not prove to be a success nor was it enough.

Have you ever had a time or times in your life when you have given it your all, and it was not enough nor successful—maybe at work or even in your personal life?  How have you handled the disappointment?  Even though my family and I can now chuckle at Mimi’s attempt to capture the lightning bug, what has helped you move forward beyond the trials of life?

When I encounter times of disappointment, an image forms in my mind of me riding a bull, trying to overcome the battle but eventually being thrown to the ground.  As I rise again to proceed in the fight, I hear the whispering of my father’s words: “Attitude is everything.”  Hearing this, along with the supportive relationship of my heavenly Father, I regain the stamina to continue the fight.  Hence, while believing and trusting in not just the Lord’s guidance but those whom have mentored and spoken wisdom to us through the difficult circumstances, may our attitude towards any outcome that follows demonstrate one of relinquishment to their impartment in our lives!


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