A Moment in the ICU

The mother saw her daughter from a distance.  She lay still with lines and tubes running from every direction of her body.  However, the monitor displayed life’s existence through the numbers reading her heart rate and pulse as a ventilator instilled movement in her chest.

The nurse approached the mother and said, “Would you like to hold your baby girl?”

“Yes,” whispered the mother, nodding her head with tears streaming down her face.

The nurse instructed the mother to sit in the rocking chair, and then she placed the baby girl with a blanket into her mother’s arms.

For several minutes, the mother rocked in the chair, cuddling her child and singing lullabies to her.

The gentle and considerate attention that this nurse gave to the mother has been remembered for many years.  Whether it be in the ICU or at the bedside in the trauma bay, giving a family member an opportunity to connect with their loved one is significant, especially as we as the caregivers offer words of comfort, reassurance, a listening presence, and a touch on the hand or shoulder during these difficult moments.  It is the small acts that go a long ways.  May we always act accordingly to attempt to meet the physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual needs of others.

Let us pray:

Lord, allow Your Spirit to be over us as we meet during this time.  Continue to give us wisdom in how to not just meet the needs of the patients we encounter but also their loved ones.  I personally want to thank You for the way You ministered to my mother and me through the nurse many years ago.  I ask for Your continued blessings over the trauma ministry here at St. Vincent.  In Your name we pray, Amen.


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