A Small Wonder, A Greater Blessing

Last Wednesday evening, I received a phone call from my fiancée, informing me about two rainbows outside that I had to see.  Upon observing them, I was amazed at the Creator’s work, but little did I know that this small wonder would bring a greater blessing.

Following this, over the next couple of days, I worked very closely alongside a family whose loved one experienced a sudden traumatic event, and they eventually chose the path of donation.  On Friday morning after the surgery was completed, the patient’s mother and another family member requested to see the body again, so the Family Services Coordinator, Michelle, and I escorted them to the appropriate room.  During the viewing, the family shared how the onset of the patient’s illness occurred simultaneously with the appearance of two rainbows Wednesday evening and how this had served as a sign for them that he was gone.

After hearing this, with tears in my eyes, I said a final prayer with them, and Michelle and I gave them a few moments alone.  Their story not only affirmed God’s divine intervention in their lives but further affirmed the Lord’s preparation in my ministry with them.  Moreover, He did not display one rainbow but two, thus, revealing to me how He displayed His heavenly light upon this patient while concurrently offering the continued joy of life to another.

Let us pray:

O Creator, You are truly amazing!  Thank You for Your continuous divine interventions, especially in the most crucial times.  Thank You also for the signs You offer, guiding us in our ministry.  We ask that You continue to bless us as we strive to bless others.  In Your holy name we pray, Amen.


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