The Coach’s Chat

During my years in middle school, my Adaptive Physical Education teacher, Coach Eckdahl, who also served as the school’s football coach, required his students to serve on the football team as managers.  As one of his students, I functioned as a manager by acting as the “water girl” since I moved swiftly on my motorized scooter and carried the water bottles in my basket.

One night, due to much rain, Coach asked another manager to deliver the water bottles to prevent me from getting stuck in the mud.    At one point, when the team had huddled, the other manager dashed over to the players, quickly handed out the bottles, and then returned to the sidelines with the empty containers.  Then, Coach signaled the girl over to him and commented with a smile, “You did a great job delivering the bottles.  Next time, though, give them to our team.”

This illustration of Coach affirming and correcting the girl’s action symbolizes, to me, how the Lord disciplines us.  Serving as the Great Coach, He desires the best for His children, guiding and supporting them through all occasions of life.  With the Holy Spirit and His Word, He offers wisdom in difficult circumstances and encouragement when events do not proceed as we had hoped.  Furthermore, God rejoices with us and brings peace during times of obedience and joy.

So, what instructions are you receiving about your own “game” with life?  How is the Coach chatting with you today?



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