Family Matters

During one of my many hospitalizations growing up, I stirred in my crib as the morning sunlight began peeking through the windows.  Upon hearing my movement, my father, who was laying underneath my bed on the floor, slowly raised his hand up beyond the mattress to where I could see it.  Recognizing his hand immediately, I squirmed even more so with much exuberance.

As I reflect on this incident, it is very apparent the impact that a medical crisis has upon the family.  Most of the time, they desire to remain close and wish to constantly interact with their loved one.  With this time of year surrounded by holidays, let us further take into consideration the impact of the memories on the families as they proceed in offering the gift of life to another/they ride this emotional rollercoaster ride.

Let us pray:

God, support us as we work to better support families.  May we also remember that we all are a part of one family—Your family!

In Your name we pray,





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