Do you recall the very first patient you ever served? I still remember it vividly to this day. At that time, I resided near Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia where I had been assigned to the Women’s unit. I met a woman who had recently given birth and was preparing to take her baby home. Scared to do so, we discussed her concerns as I provided a comforting, empathetic listening presence. At the end of our time together and with her experiencing much relief from her anxiety, she hugged me good-bye. Closing the door, I strolled away, knowing that I had served her well and realizing that I had probably found my niche as a hospital chaplain.

With Memorial Day approaching, many people tend to remember the fallen heroes that fought in various wars throughout the years. What about the living ones who continue to fight today? What about the medical heroes who stand daily on the battle lines for individual lives? Each of you is a hero! You march on the dividing line of life versus death, advocating for the patients an sometimes families as well as journeying through difficult ethical issues.

So, on Memorial Day, take a moment to reflect on your first patient or at least your early years in this career, and remember your purpose for responding to this call to battle!

Let us pray:

Lord, be with us right now. Help us humble our hearts before You. May we take this moment to reflect on the memories You bring to mind. We ask also that You prepare us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to process the issues at hand.

In all of this we ask in Your name,



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