“Why, God, Why?”

A few months ago, I recall dashing to the Trauma ICU in response to an Adult Code One.  While the medical team was fervently working to revive the gentleman, I found his wife in the hallway, sitting by the window crying hysterically.  In the midst of her sobs, she questioned angrily and frustratingly, “Why would God take away a great man?  Why would He do this?” Holding her, I remained calm and quiet as her body convulsed against mine.  Finally, as she settled down, I looked directly into her eyes, whispering, “I don’t know why God is allowing this to happen, but I do know that He is in ultimate control and will carry you through this.”

Even though this man did survive, I sometimes question God’s plans and purpose for other patients and their families in our units.  While I often do not usually comprehend His future plans immediately, I remind myself that everyone on the medical team can offer a form of healing—whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  The Lord has given each of us gifts in order to serve, to serve others like He has since the beginning of time.

Let us pray:

Lord, You are the Great Healer.  You breathe life, and You take it away.  I ask that each of us may be a vessel in pouring out Your love and healing to all whom come into our lives.

In Your name we ask this,











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