“The Familiarity of Grief”

Several weeks ago, while walking through Walmart, I took a double glance at a woman that crossed my path, for she greatly resembled my grandmother.  Even though my grandmother died over ten years ago, this woman had her same hair color and style and wore a similar bright red, winter coat.  As the woman crossed my path, I felt the sense of loss and grief rise again within me.

No matter how much time passes, it only takes one familiar object, event, person, or tradition to trigger the grieving again.  Despite the continuance in the grieving, the familiarity in the memories also provides the strength and courage to move forward.  It is in the sharing of the memories that we keep the individual alive, and this aliveness allows the person’s spirit to always reside within us.

Let us pray:

Lord, we frequently work with others who are going through some stage of the grieving process.  Help us to remain attuned to them as they relish in their memories, and allow this time of listening to help them keep the spirit of their loved one alive.  May this time of grieving serve as the bridge to believing that they can continue along life’s journey.

In Your name we pray this,




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