Checking One’s Perspective

When I was a young child, my mother had to perform postural drainage on me at least a couple of times a day.  On one occasion, a neighbor observed my mother doing this—beating on my back to prevent fluid build-up in my lungs, and she became gravely concerned seeing this.  Immediately, she called another mother on the street who knew my family well, questioning her about this possible child abuse.  Upon hearing this, the mother chuckled and explained to the caller the medical reasons for this situation.

Similarly, when patients come through our hospital doors, all the hospital associates involved in the case are working alongside the EMS, public law enforcement, and other resources to gain all the truthful information about what has happened and how to provide the best care.  However, there are times when we receive the wrong information or conflicting details about what occurred.  Instead of jumping to conclusions in the midst of our uncertainty, let us always remember to check in with other members of the medical team when putting together this “puzzle.”  Most importantly, may we know that the Lord is a God of truth, and He will reveal the truth in all situations in His own timing.

Let us pray:

O Lord,

You are the Knower of all things and understand the truth in all circumstances.  Grant us the wisdom of Solomon as we work with various patients and families, and help us to see through Your eyes of love.  We also ask that, during this hour, You grant us insights in how all these disciplines can better unite together in providing for those whom need our services.

In Your name I pray,




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