Journeying Through the Memories

Have you ever come across and/or worked with a patient and/or family that triggered a memory for you?  Awhile back, a few of my chaplain colleagues and I were walking down the hallway, and a transporter passed us, going the opposite direction, pushing on a cart a small, crying child with an anesthesia mask near his head.  Instantaneously, remembering my numerous surgeries and the fear I always experienced beforehand, my heart sank, and I totally empathized with this youngster.

I truly believe that it is in these memories which we can relate deeply to another’s pain.  We recall the feelings we experienced in those similar circumstances and can better comprehend their difficulties.  Basically, these are God-given encounters where we can journey alongside those who are hurting.

Let us pray:

Lord, in these difficult moments that we experience, help us to demonstrate your love and care to those who are suffering.  Use our own memories as anchors in which we can better connect and minister to those in need.

In Your name I pray, Amen.




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