Racing Ahead (Version Two)

Years ago, I moved to Indiana from Virginia and served as a resident chaplain for a local trauma center.  Not truly aware of Indy’s culture nor considering the approaching of Memorial Day weekend, one afternoon, I received a trauma page for a male driver in a MVA going over 200 mph.

“Oh my gosh!  Is this guy nuts…driving over 200 mph through downtown Indy?!” I thought to myself as I waited with the trauma team.

After the driver arrived, I eventually spoke to him, asking if he wanted me his family contacted.  Responding affirmatively, he gave me his mother’s number.  When I introduced myself and updated her briefly via phone, she thanked me for calling and hung up immediately.

“What in the world is happening here?!” I reflected in bewilderment as I returned the headset to its cradle.

That evening, as I watched the news, no local accidents matched the description of this situation.  Still puzzled, I continued listening when the sports announcer stated, “Today, at the track, the driver so-and-so crashed into a wall after racing over 200 mph…”

“I was talking to a race driver!!!” I proclaimed loudly in both shock and understanding.

Moral of the Story: Never race ahead without knowing all the details!



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