As caregivers, we observe losses on a regular basis with our patients and their loved ones. A family may choose to withdraw care and face the loss of a precious life. Due to their illness or a recent trauma, a patient can encounter the loss of functions in his or her physical body as well as the loss of independence and operating in their normal routines. Besides the physical functions, the patient and family members also face the impact of the medical crisis on emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual levels.

Not only, though, do we observe these losses in those whom are placed in our care, we are challenged with various losses both professionally and personally. We become attached emotionally to patients and their families and sometimes grieve over the different plan the Lord has for their lives. We encounter staffing and leadership changes and wrestle with anger, bitterness, and sadness that accompany them. We face our own difficulties in our home lives and may bring the lingering mental, emotional, psychological, physical, financial, and spiritual effects of them to our place of work.

Therefore, how do we work through these losses and transitions? Besides incorporating our own coping mechanisms, I encourage you to always keep in mind that, during our loneliest periods where we are in the greatest need, it is then that the Lord not only journeys alongside us but carries us through those moments.

Let us pray:

God, in the midst of all the losses and transitions that the families of these patients as well as ourselves are experiencing, I ask that we may experience Your countenance as You carry us in all of life’s challenges.

In Your name I pray,



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