The Family Beyond the Doors

About thirty years ago, I recall being hospitalized for surgery on my feet and, thus, befriending my roommate who happened to be around the same age.  Before our procedures, we laughed and had fun together dressing as doctors with the hats, gloves, and stethescopes; this greatly eased our fears before entering the operating room.  Several days later, after being told that my new friend had chicken pox, I had to be moved to another room.  I still recall to this day my mother wheeling me by her room, and I stared through the window separating us, waving to her with tears streaming down my face.

As with this situation, families in the waiting area establish connections, especially during the lengthy hospitalizations.  They may rejoice together when their loved ones reach milestones, but they also support and encourage each other through the difficult days they face.  So, let us remember that, while we as associates develop bonds with other colleagues as well as our assigned patients and their loved ones, our visitors are an extension of us—a part of our own family residing right beyond the doors to our unit.

Let us pray:

Lord, as we gather today to unite as one team in serving those receiving our care on the unit, may we also remember how to best care and serve their loved ones.  Let us always acknowledge You as the Father of our family as a whole.

In Your name I pray, Amen



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