Without You…

Last week, I journeyed alongside a man who was watching his wife go through the dying process.  During my final time of ministry to them before they traveled home, the husband commented to me, “Thank you for all you have done.  Without you here, these difficult days would have been much darker.”

So, as with this gentleman, I want you to know that you do make a difference around here.  In all the different disciplines that you represent, you are greatly appreciated.  You make a difference around here through your actions and words, providing both direct and indirect care to our patients and their loved ones.  Without each of you here, serving in your unique role, the trauma department would not be able to impact those experiencing difficult, dark days the way it does currently.

Let us pray:


Thank You for allowing us to serve as Your instruments of healing, bringing our gifts and knowledge to every situation we encounter.  Help us continue to be a light in through the dark times.

In Your name I pray,



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