Unity in the Differences

I work very closely with two other colleagues who share my love of various sports.  Regarding major league baseball, one of them, like me, is a strong fan of the St. Louis Cardinals; however, the one colleague has a deep heart for the Chicago Cubs—the Cardinals’ biggest rival.  Despite the fun bantering that stirs amongst us, we work very well together, striving as a team to meet the various needs and desires with whom we interact.

In all of our professional arenas, we encounter this type of strife on a daily basis.  We all want what is best for the care of the patient but may disagree on the path to that outcome.  Despite our sometimes differing approaches, let us remembers, as the Scottish philosopher David Hume said, “It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place.”  May we offer a greater healing presence to all our patients and families by working in unity and not just individually.

Let us pray:


Bring us together in our different skills, abilities, and gifts, so we may offer a unified, healing presence to all whom we serve.

In Your name I pray,



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