The Future of the Pee Box

About twenty years ago, I served as a candy striper at a local hospital, and one of my responsibilities involved delivering fresh pitchers of ice and water as well as cups to the patients on the floor.  During one particular visit, when I made my delivery, the patient hollered out, “I need to use the pee box.”

I approached the assigned nurse to this patient, questioning her about the situation and then returned to gently remind the patient that she has a catheter and offered her words of reassurance.

Today, as a staff chaplain, I continue performing these tasks as needed, along with many other duties, to our patients and their loved ones.  Reflecting on my time as a volunteer, it is interesting to notice how the Lord was using that period as a time of preparation for my current ministry.

What past events inspired or led you to the position that you hold today?

As you reflect on these, let us pray:


Thank You for Your divine intervention in all of our lives.  You mold and shape us into whom we have become, and I ask that You continue to do so as You guide each of us in the future.

In Your name I pray,



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