Standing with God’s Provision

Do you recall putting up your first Christmas tree?  For me, it was about ten years ago when I put up my four foot artificial tree. Having never really observed the set up of an artificial tree, I purchased a Christmas tree stand and worked for 45 minutes to set it up…but was unsuccessful.  Finally, my friend, now husband, Jeff showed up at my apartment, and chuckling at my efforts, he told me that artificial trees come with their own stands!

Reflecting on this event many times, it is interesting to note how this event symbolizes what happens so frequently. We as humans perceive and struggle through dilemmas without noticing the details of the tools that God has provided us. Whether it be a situation involving your personal or professional life, take a moment to look at the tools you have and ask God for wisdom on how to use them.

Let us pray:


In the midst of difficult circumstances, open our eyes to Your provisions and give us the necessary discernment, including relying on each other.

In Your name I pray,



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