Noises from the Father

During my teen years, I had an extreme fondness to listening to music.  I would constantly be blaring my stereo—night and day.  However, simultaneously, my father would sometimes be pursuing his hobby with amateur radio, and thus, Morse code signals sometimes beeped loudly through my radio.  Even though this hindrance would frustrate me, I would always know, at that minute, where I could find him and then would head in his direction.

Similarly, have you ever sensed the Father trying to get your attention when your focus is elsewhere?  Have you ever been attempting to listen to one message when it seems like He is interrupting this?  How do you respond?  May these “noises” in life offer you a sense of His presence, involvement, and direction for your daily activities.

Let us pray:


We approach You now to acknowledge with gratitude the noises You make around us on a daily basis.  Continue to stir our hearts in ways that bring us closer to You.

In Your name I pray,



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