Small Acts, Big Differences

One of my favorite memories during this time of year involves singing Christmas carols. I recall, as a child, going with my church to different nursing homes, roaming the hallways as a group in melodious harmony. As we passed the residents and staff, making random eye contact with them and offering smiles, I observed many faces aglow in moments of contentment.

In this new year, what are some small acts that you can continue or start doing which may make a great difference–whether here or outside these walls?  What can you do to bring yourself and/or others contentment?  Remember, it is sometimes the smallest acts that can bring the biggest differences.

Let us pray:


As You bring us contentment on a daily basis, encourage us to act and speak in ways that offer contentment to those around us.  Bless us and help us to be a blessing in this upcoming New Year.

In Your name I pray,



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