When Faith and Medicine Collide

What happens when the worlds of faith and medicine collide?

One possible answer to this questioned occurred recently.  About a couple of weeks ago, a victim of a hit-and-run incident entered through the doors of our emergency room, and the trauma team worked feverishly to stabilize the individual.  At the same time, the ED social worker located and notified family, and upon their arrival, she and I offered them much care.

While supporting the family in the immediacy of the crisis, the dependency on their faith became very apparent to me.  They continued hanging onto that thread of “hope,” never releasing it—no matter how grim the prognosis.

So, what happens when the worlds of faith and medicine collide?  It provides an opportunity where we, too, can incorporate spirituality into all the disciplines and steer our own practices from a faith perspective—through our presence, words, and actions.

 Lord, may You always be the rudder of our trauma team.  No matter the patients nor families whom we serve, please guide us in our practices, encouraging us to always acknowledge Your authority in every situation.  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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