Misunderstanding the Truth

Through my childhood, I relished in my father’s wisdom—both humorous and serious—and believed every word spoken from his lips.  One example of this is the statement he frequently made: “The moon is made out of green cheese.”

Around the age of eight or nine years, the “truth” of his messages burst right before my eyes.  In the middle of one science class, my school teacher asked the students, “What is the moon made out of?”

“Green cheese!” I replied with much confidence.

“Sorry, Kristen, that is not correct,” the teacher instructed.

“The moon IS made out of green cheese!” I stated again firmly.  “My dad told me so!”

That day, I learned a very tough lesson; due to misperceiving my father’s sense of humor, I miscomprehended his guidance.  Whether being funny or not, he is not always correct.

Today, though, I know there is one Dad Who is always right and Who always offers wisdom in unique ways, no matter whether it is sought or not.  He always remains present at our side and provides guidance in good and bad times.  This Dad is our Heavenly One!


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