Multitasking: A Technique to Slow the Chaos

“Adult code one, ICU team four!”

Hearing the overhead call, I began racing to that location. Suddenly, the intercom blares, “Adult code one, ICU Team Four one times two!”

Upon arriving to the ICU, I realize the medical staff are simultaneously coding two different patients on the same team. Jumping into the chaos, I notified the emergency contact for each family and then hollered out from the entrance of each room to the medical staff, stating family had been called and were on their way.

“The easy part has been done,” I thought to myself, “Now, shuffling between the two rooms to support the families may be another ball of wax.” Fortunately, God truly intervened by spacing their arrivals enough in which I could truly support them.

Multitasking can definitely be difficult, but doing it in the midst of a crisis proves to be even more challenging. It involves slowing down the chaos of that moment in order to achieve the proper results.

Lord, in the midst of chaotic times, guide us through the tasks at hand, so we may appropriately handle them. Be with us always through the calm and chaos. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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