Boundless in the Boundaries

            “Trauma Code One” appeared on my pager, and within five minutes of dashing to room thirty-two and signing in, I observed the EMS crew rolling in the patient as they were actively performing CPR on him.  Over the next few hours, the ED social worker and I worked closely with several members of the police department, assisting them in notifying the family about the patient’s death and supporting the loved ones in viewing the body—always under the supervision of an officer.

            During this event, not only were the medical responders bounded by the physical limitations of medicine, the other support staff were also inhibited in their care due to the intense police involvement.  It is in these moments that we must face our boundaries as humans but trust in the boundless support from God.

            O God of no boundaries, help us bring possibility to the impossible and hope to the hopeless.  May we always know that, even when we encounter various boundaries, You can offer boundless opportunities to those whom we serve.  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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