Serving in God’s Hospital

Recently, I ministered to the wife of a patient who was wrestling with the hospitalization process. As I listened to her story, she talked about her family support, especially how her granddaughter—a very spiritually-attuned girl—grieved over her grandfather needing medical treatment. To offer comfort and reassurance to this child, the wife shared how one family member explained to the girl that her grandfather is in “God’s hospital.”

God’s hospital. This is the place where we serve. We do not always have the outcomes that we desire, but as my director, Matt Hayes, says, our patients are “ultimately in God’s hands.” The Lord works through us to care for His children, but sometimes, He chooses a road beyond our human limitations—taking them to a place that we cannot yet enter.

Lord, this is Your hospital, and we are here as Your servants to care and comfort those in need. Continue to support us in this calling, and give us reassurance and peace when things do not go as we planned. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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