Wiggling through the Uncertainty

About five weeks ago, I traveled to Salisbury, Maryland, where I met my six week-old niece for the very first time. During my moments of holding Isabella, she mostly laid still in my arms—sleeping, sucking on the nipple of a bottle, or staring aimlessly in different directions. When she was more awake, I had to grasp her a little tighter as she wiggled to become more comfortable.

Similar to that of a cradling baby, we as caregivers can become comfortable in the roles we perform on a regular basis. However, there are events that occur which cause us to wiggle in the uncertainty. It is, in these moments, where we may sense a stronger spiritual hold on us, one where the Lord’s hands grips us as He provides reassurance and comfort.

God, may we always remember that You walk beside through every experience that we have at every moment of the day. When we endure the difficult circumstances that cause us to wiggle, help us to know that You will never let us go but always give us further direction and strength in the uncertainty. In Your name I pray, Amen.


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