Crossing Paths

Recently, I was availed the opportunity to hear a patient’s story about her recovery.  Sitting upright in a chair less than twenty-four hours after surgery, she shared her struggles with getting out of bed that morning.  The nurse had instructed her that she was going to sit in a chair that morning; the patient expressed how she was comfortable and wanted to remain in bed but eventually followed the nurse’s instructions.

As this woman described her experience, my memory bank churned to previous images of my own numerous surgical recoveries that I endured.  I recalled not wanting to leave the comfort of my bed, not wanting to undergo the physical agony of rehabilitation, and not wanting to reposition even an inch due to the realization of the pain that would follow.  I specifically remember the night I spent in an ICU-like recovery room where the nurse would awaken me every hour by slapping my hand.  After several hours of this, my body internally screamed, “Leave me alone!!!”

Shortly after my visit with the female patient, I became aware of the irony of this situation.  From the patient’s viewpoint, the healing process to any illness can prove difficult—one full of many ups and downs that requires continued perseverance despite the endless hurdles, disappointments, painful moments, and heartaches one faces.  It sometimes takes the strength and direction of the medical team to start the engine of the healing process.  This is where the medical team proves extremely beneficial in providing the endless motivation and encouragement throughout the healing journey, thus, fulfilling their own goal in transitioning the patient beyond the necessary care within these walls.

As one who has been a patient multiple times and continues to serve as a caregiver on the medical team, I have the advantage of comprehending both sides of this picture, which further permits me to support them each in their viewpoints.  Have you ever observed the crossing of your professional and personal paths?  What events have happened in your life where the Lord has used them later in as you relate to another person?  Desired or not, God has a plan for each of lives and allows others to cross our paths—either to give us support or receive our individual words of inspiration if they are open to them.


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