Creatively Going the Distance

Think about a time when you went to the store to purchase a specific item only to find it in a location beyond your reach.  What thoughts immediately went through your mind upon this discovery?  How did you resolve this conflict?

Personally, I experience this challenge on a frequent basis.  My famous quote is, “I’m flexible—just not physically.”  Due to my limited physical flexibility and strength, I am constantly having to find unique ways in reaching desired items.  For example, I recently wanted a specific box of envelopes that were on the top shelf of a grocery store.  Unable to reach them by hand and with no individual nearby to assist me, I grabbed a mop, using its handle to sweep the boxes from the shelf, and eventually caught one after several landed on the floor.

It takes creativity to go the distance.  This statement holds especially true in our work here on the trauma team.  We daily encounter persons who have experienced traumatic experiences, and we are forced to creatively care for them and their loved ones since every individual brings a unique set of circumstances.  May the Lord continue to inspire us to creatively journey together in reaching the common goal of providing the best interdisciplinary care to all those in need.

Lord, help us to always remember the inspiring saying from my colleague, Chaplain Greg Tatum: “Blessed are those who are flexible, for they are never bent out of shape.”  We ask that You guide us implementing the creative gifts You gave us to reach the unreachable.  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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