Grace beyond the Flaws

On the way home from a social event, my husband Jeff shared with me about a discussion he had there: “A couple of guys and I were comparing stories of not remembering people’s names. I shared how you and I recently went to the play which our colleague Rita helped produce and how I kept calling her Jan.”

Chuckling at this, I glanced over briefly at him and said, “You mean Kate?”

When you interact with someone closely and on a regular basis, as I do with Jeff, you become aware—and possibly irritated—with the person’s weaknesses. You may even think to yourself something like “Why can’t he get it right?” or “I don’t know why she can’t figure this out.” While considering these irritations, have you ever taken the time to pause and reflect on your own flaws that may be frustrating others? When we do this, we can better extend grace to others in their moments of weakness while residing in our own. This can give us the freedom to allow God to mold us into what He has designed within each of us.

Loving God, help us to extend the type of grace You do as we look beyond the flaws of others. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.


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