Years ago, my family was driving from southern Kentucky near Paducah to Owensboro, in the northern part of the state, while returning from a quilt show. Although my aunt is an excellent quilter, navigation is not one of her gifts. This became glaringly apparent when she declared, “I am excellent at navigating!” Upon her proud proclamation she was immediately promoted to the front seat beside the driver—after all, that’s where navigators are supposed to sit. Intently focusing her gaze upon the maps, she began leading my father down the highway with the rest of us in tow. About half an hour later, we passed a sign that read, “Welcome to Tennessee.” Immediately upon seeing this, Dad suddenly pulled over, commanding my mother to take over the navigation, and thus, my aunt was demoted and relegated to a lowly position in the back seat. Although my mom is a great navigator, don’t get me wrong, a GPS would have really come in handy in that moment. Oh, for the confident tones of the lady telling you exactly when and where to turn, a voice like that creates such a confident feeling that at least someone in the car knows exactly where we are going.

            Who has served as your GPS, helping you to find your way when you get lost in your journey along the roadway of life? Although though we often get lost, Proverbs 3:5-6 serves as a wonderful direction finder, for the Lord encourages us to simply trust and submit to Him, when we do “He will direct [our] path[s].”

            God, we ask that You be our GPS in all circumstances of life. In Your precious name I pray, Amen.


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