“Picking Up”

I remember, over twenty years ago, sitting in my eighth grade science class in my assigned spot next to Matt Arnold, who was a football player as well as my friend. Positioned on the edge of my chair where I could comfortably take notes, during this particular hour, I was paired up with Matt to work on an experiment, and our teacher instructed one member of each group to retrieve our materials from the back of the room. Not noticing that our chair legs were intertwined, Matt slid his back swiftly, and suddenly, I found myself on the floor. Our teacher checked to assure I was not injured and then asked Matt to pick me up, which he did with great ease. I was back to my learning again.

This event highlights what frequently happens to our patients. They are usually living out their normal lives and suddenly experience a traumatic event or drastic health change. As the medical team, we come along, “pick” them up, and assist them in returning to a norm in life.

Lord, as we “pick” up those in need, I ask that You pick us up in our everyday needs. In Your precious name, Amen.


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