“Difficult Blessings”

During my very early years of life, it took me a long time to finish a single meal. Then, after being enrolled into a special preschool where individuals with physical challenges learned independent living skills, my parents were informed at a parent-teacher conference that, at lunchtime, students were only given twenty minutes to eat.

“How is that possible?!” Dad asked her, “It usually takes Kristen a couple of hours to eat at home.”

Given the opportunity to observe a lunch period, my parents watched students sitting in chairs at the lunch table, socializing with their peers. As soon as the food trays were set before them, they suddenly could only hear the sounds of chewing. At the end of twenty minutes, the trays were whisked away, no matter whether or not the child had finished his or her meal.

While I’m sure this was a hard lesson for me to learn, I realize today that it was truly a beneficial one. Knowing that my pager could vibrate at any time with an emergent need, I still incorporate that skill of eating quickly, cherishing the few moments that I do have to savor my food.

What hard lessons from your past have proven to be blessings for you today? May the Lord use these discoveries as moments of gratitude to Him and those involved.

O Great Teacher, even in the midst of difficulty, may we see Your hand of intervention and blessing. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.


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