“A Simple Change”

As a chaplain, I constantly find myself reflecting upon the interactions I have had with others and exploring alternative methods in providing future ministry. For example, in many past encounters where families are grieving the death of their loved ones, I have offered emotional support, prayer, and end-of-life care. However, realizing I can offer more effective support to a group, I decided to finally try a different plan of care.

Paged to support one family gathered at the bedside of their loved one who had just died, I entered the room, observing and hearing the cries of mourning. After a few minutes of being present with the family, I finally said to the group, “I never had the opportunity to know your loved one. Can you tell me a little about him?” This single question opened the floodgate of memories, stories, and eventually to us all singing his favorite hymn.

            Consequently, it is truly amazing how one simple change can drastically impact the group dynamics. Whether it be interacting with others or solely in your own individual life, what simple changes can YOU make—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—to bring improvement?

            Heavenly Father, whether it be interpersonally or just individually, guide us in making the necessary transitions in life, so we may better align ourselves with Your plan. In Your name I pray, Amen.


One thought on ““A Simple Change”

  1. And what a great reminder to talk about the dead. I am sure those stories were cleansing for that family! Way to lead them in that direction Kristen! Go Colts!!!


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