“Where Was Jesus Born?”

A classic memory of the Christmas season is still shared in my family, even after decades of time have passed. With me being only three years-old or so, my parents took me to church on a regular basis. One Sunday around this holiday season, during the children’s time, the pastor asked, “Where was Jesus born?”

Immediately knowing this, I answered excitedly, “In Bethle-heaven!”

While this is not the response one commonly hears, as I now reflect upon my childlike innocence, there is much truth here. Jesus was born in Bethlehem—God coming to us in the form of man—but has also always reigned in heaven, offering us direct access to the Father.

As we ponder the amazing gift that the Lord gave us through the birth of a baby, may we acknowledge how great the love He offered through the innocence of a child. Like the faith that a child holds, we can experience that same innocent belief this Christmas, no matter the hardships we may be currently facing. Even though the Child of God was born in Bethlehem so many years ago, He will always live in us through His heavenly presence.


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