“Another Perspective”

She was a twenty-seven year-old, healthy woman.  Having recently given birth to her first child, she and her husband were overwhelmed by feelings of joy, sorrow, anxiety, confusion and fear since various medical professionals had listed a multitude of problems the child was now facing.  Serving as a nurse, this new mother never desired to care for orthopedic nor pediatric patients.  Now, she had to face these areas simultaneously on a personal level.  She even had to give away the booties she received to her supervisor, for their colleagues held a joint baby shower for them.  Her supervisor gave birth to a set of healthy twin girls, but her own daughter required daily changes in her castings of her feet.

Reflecting upon this situation after over thirty years from its occurrence, I never realized the variety of emotions and struggles my mother endured shortly after my birth.  Realizing the intensity of this period, a greater passion and respect has ignited within me for this dearly, beloved woman.

Have you ever truly stepped into another’s “shoes?”  Whenever you interact with another individual personally or professionally, take few moments to see a scenario the way the other person does, reflect on it from his her perspective, and feel the feelings that are being experienced.

Lord, as we interact with others on a daily basis, remove the blinders from our eyes, so we may gain a better glimpse of them—their bodies, minds, and spirits.  In Your name I ask this, Amen.



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