“In a Moment’s Notice”

It was a long walk down the corridor of the hospital.  Mustering all the strength he had with his cancer-ravaged body, he strolled slowly alongside his daughter to meet his new granddaughter.

Suddenly, a physician quickly approached the new mother, discussing with her the details of her daughter’s physical circumstances.  Upon his leaving, the mother turned to her own father, saying, “Yes, Dad.  I’m sorry.  Your granddaughter was born with physical challenges.”  Upon hearing this, the grandfather’s joy immediately changed to sorrow as he began terribly weeping.

In a moment’s notice, life can really change.  In one single moment, we can speak words that utterly change someone’s life.   Peace to anxiety.  Joy to sorrow.  Hope to hopelessness.  All in a moment’s notice.  Let us learn to treasure those moments that we have, those moments that we stand on the higher end of ground before we face the lower ones.  Furthermore, may God work through us in a moment’s notice as He offers us words that can bless and encourage despite the circumstances.

Lord, in a moment’s notice, may we notice You working through us, You speaking to us and through us—words that offer hope and love despite how life-changing they may be.  In Your name I pray, Amen.



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