“A Child’s Perspective”

My husband Jeff and I were out shopping and came across a small, toy princess that rides a battery-operated horse, which we purchased for our seventeen month-old niece.  When we arrived home, Jeff exclaimed, “I want to play with the toy before we give it to her!”

A fifty-three year-old man wants to play with a toy designed for a two year-old?!

While this ironic event brings some laughter, it also reminds us that we are never too old to be in touch with the inner child in each of us.  The Romanian playwright Eugene Ionesco once quoted, “The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us.  When the world seems familiar,…one has become an adult.”  Therefore, if we do not acknowledge the child that resides within the core of our being, we will lose the newness of seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes.  When we do this, we cannot perceive the possible solutions to impossible dilemmas.

Lord, give us each a child’s perception, so You may bring revelations among us (Matthew 11:25).  I pray this according to Your name, Amen.


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