“Casting Together”

I recall one time, during my childhood, my father took me out to eat at a local pub.  While we were waiting on our food, we noticed a dart board on one wall with a set of darts.  Thinking this might be a fun activity to pass the time, my father offered instructions on the game and then gave me the opportunity to make the first throw.  However, since I cannot move my arms well near my head, this proved to be an unsuccessful task for me.  Therefore, instead of giving up on this, my father held his arm in position, allowing me to place my hand on his, and we cast the dart together.  Teamwork.  That’s all it took, and we were able to accomplish the goal.

Teamwork is required in so many areas of our lives in order to achieve success.  When we cast towards a goal together, not leaving each other behind, we can intertwine our knowledge and skills with a greater chance of accomplishing our mission.  Even when we are forced—for whatever reason—to cast solo towards a goal, be aware that there is always One present, whispering words of encouragement and guidance along the way.

Lord, no matter the circumstances we are facing, I ask that You “team” up with each of us in every way that is needed.  In Your precious name I pray, Amen.


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