“No Limits with the Limitless”

Awhile back, two trauma patients almost simultaneously were wheeled through the doors of our ED (Emergency Department), and in response to their arrivals, I assisted with notifying their loved ones.  While waiting for their families to come, I returned to the Trauma ICU to visit a few more patients and check on the staff.

Noticing that two ED patients would soon be coming to the ICU, one nurse asked me, “How severe are the traumas?”

I attempted to answer her question to my best ability with my limited medical terminology.

Overhearing our conversation, another nurse chimed in, “So, basically what you are saying is the major trauma has a large pool of blood and the lesser one, a smaller pool of blood?’

Laughing with these nurses, I confessed to them that the medical team in the trauma bays had been using terms with which I was unfamiliar, and I only truly comprehended what came across the trauma paging system.  In this case, I had to acknowledge my own limits. professionally, trusting others to better communicate and comprehend the medical dimensions.

Boundaries are very evident while working on the trauma team.  When a trauma patient comes our way, we all strive to offer the best care, operating in our specific job-related knowledge and skills.  However, with the Lord’s divine guidance and intervention, He brings limitless possibilities in the midst of our limitations.

Gracious God, when we face limits in what we can do, may we know You are limitless and always at work around and through us.  In Your holy name, Amen.




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