“Persevering through the Circumstances”

Years ago, while glancing through a menu as I sat with my family, a waitress approached our table to take our order.

“I would like your six-ounce steak dinner—medium rare, please,” I said.

Twenty minutes later, our meals arrived, and to my dismay, my steak was cooked medium well, not medium rare.

Since I don’t pronounce my “R” sound well, instead of sending the entrée back, I allowed this to be a learning opportunity; I now ask for my meat to be cooked medium, so it is always closer to the way I like it.  In this situation along with many others, adapting continuously to my circumstances has allowed me to persevere through whatever challenges lay before me.

We all face challenges on a daily basis—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ones.  The more trials through which we persevere, the more we can develop our inner strength and flexibility for future difficulties.

Lord, as we come across hurdles in our own lives, help us to continue running the race with perseverance, continuously keeping our eyes fixed upon You (Hebrews 12:1-2).  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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