“Walking the Extra Mile”

One morning, as a very young girl, my parents were holding me before another of one of my many surgeries.  Instead of an unfamiliar medical team whisking me away, the physician himself came to the holding area, took me from my parents’ arms, and carried me to the OR.  Ten years later, the same physician entered another holding area where my parents and I waited again and walked beside me, leading me again to another OR for an additional surgery.

What brought my parents and I comfort in these difficult situations?  Walking the extra mile.  Not only had this doctor given me proper medical treatment, he also tended to all of us emotionally by caring for our concerns before the actual procedure began.

So, it is not just functioning properly from one’s role that forms a rapport with others, but it is the tasks where we go the extra mile to attend to others’ needs.  In order to go the extra mile, all it takes is a few extra steps.  These extra steps can lead to a greater impact on another’s life, which can make all the difference.

Merciful God, as You continuously go the extra mile for and with us, help us to do so with others.  In Your name I pray, Amen.


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