Working in the Trauma Neuro ICU, we, as medical team members, discuss with family members (or whomever is supporting the patient) and encourage their participation in the patient’s long-term care, emphasizing the importance of everyone’s involvement.  I can personally testify to the significance of this as I, myself, have required long-term medical care and have benefitted from my entire family’s involvement in it.  With the physical challenges I live with, I require daily physical exercise to maintain the flexibility of my joints and the strength in my muscles, and this was very evident during my growing years.  Therefore, in order to maintain my mobility, my parents assisted me twice a day in performing a daily range of motion routine.

On one particular occasion, my younger brother, Andy, was anxious to play with me but knew my mother had to get my exercises done beforehand.  Therefore, in order to speed up the process, he quickly came to my side and, with all the might of a preschooler, began lifting my leg in the air and then lowering it, repeating this process a few times.
Hence, no matter the age of the person, he or she can participate in the patient’s care.  It is not necessarily one’s age that makes the difference; it is his or her willingness.

God, surround us with Your love and the love of others who are willing to move us more forward today than we were yesterday.  Amen.


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