Spinning Control into Your Mobiles


Have you ever felt that you were spinning out of control?

As a child, I recall my mother delicately laying out our Christmas decorations according to the room in which she wanted them displayed.  One year, I saw a mobile—an aged one with very thin strings—that was going to be hung in my bedroom.  In a mischievous, fun-filled, crazy moment, I grabbed the mobile and spun it around quickly several times for a few moments.  When I finally stopped spinning it, the strings were jumbled, twisted, and tangled beyond repair. After desperately attempting to undo my dastardly deed, I came to the conclusion my situation was hopeless, and my only resolve was to reluctantly approach my mother, seeking forgiveness for my thoughtless act.  With grace and mercy, my mom offered forgiveness, and we were we able to move beyond this colorful event—now only to remember it with humoristic fondness.

During these times of loss of control, we basically have two options in regaining it.  We can either work through our consequences in striving to gain some stability, or we can make efforts to move beyond these choices, proceeding forward in life.

With the choices you have made this year, I encourage you to look to the wisdom Rafiki (from The Lion King) who proclaims, “’Run from or learn from’ them!”  In the spiritual dimension, what decisions have you made in which you need to “let go, let God?”  The apostle Paul reminds us to forget what is behind us and strain toward what lies ahead; when we do this, we can reach our goal and win the prize that God has set before us. It is time to spin these “mobiles” from your past and tread forward with more care and insights into what lays ahead for you this New Year.

May the Lord offer His forgiveness and grace for your past,

give you the strength at this present moment to push forward, and

the wisdom of Solomon in handling difficult circumstances that you will encounter in the future.


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