Remembering the Entrance of Love

I received the phone call early Sunday morning; my sister-in-law was in labor.  Over the next several hours, it became a time of intense waiting and preparation.  With them living in Maryland, I carried my phone at my side, receiving updates via texts and calls.  I heard about all the different tasks done by the medical team and various family members.  Finally, the baby made its entrance into the world.

Was this similar to what it was like on that very first Christmas Eve so long ago?  Joseph and Mary journeyed the long distance to Bethlehem.  They searched desperately for an inn to only find them full.  They then took shelter where cattle lay, and Mary gave birth to a son and placed Him in a manger.

As we pray, take a moment now to reflect on how recent events in your life may serve as a reminder of what happened so long ago.


We come before You on this Christmas Eve.  We ask that You fill us with a sense of peace and hope during this time of year.  Continue to please give us signs of Your love as You did so long ago.

In Your precious name we pray,



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