“The Goliaths in Our Lives”

For a couple of years in my early childhood, I lived on a kid-friendly street where we, as kids, would continuously play together. One of my playmates had a father whom towered over us like a giant due to his height and huge body build. Ironically, while the kids ran from him out of fear, I always dashed towards him, saying gleefully, “Hi, Mr. Monaco!”

There are giants that we encounter every day—ones that we may want to avoid at all costs by running in the opposite direction. However, what could happen if we view our towering fears differently, facing and examining them as opportunities from God? For when we face our giants, we embrace new possibilities and expand our perceived boundaries.

Lord, like David from the Old Testament faced Goliath, help us to confidently approach and overcome the giants in our lives. In Your holy name I ask this, Amen.


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